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Splatoon 2 Gets Special Artwork For Japan’s Upcoming Power Vs. Stamina Splatfest



Splatoon 2 is celebrating its third Splatfest event in Japan and North America this weekend. Here’s a look at a special piece of artwork shared on the game’s official Twitter account for the “Power vs. Stamina” Splatfest that Japan is getting.


The artwork comes with a message saying that those who like to get their exercise and studies done and over with quickly are likely to side with “Power,” while those who like to take their time and relax are likely to go with “Stamina.” Although it’s probably a good idea to apply both for chores and work.


The Power vs. Stamina Splatest will start in Japan on October 14 at 1:00pm JST through October 15 at 1:00pm JST. North America will also get one this weekend with a Vampires vs. Werwolves Splatest that begins on October 13 at 9:00pm PT.


Splatoon 2 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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