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Splatoon 2 Introduces The Latest Of Sporty Clothing Brand Tentatek



The first Splatoon had plenty of fun fashion options for our squid kids and Splatoon 2 will have more than ever to choose from. The game’s official Japanese Twitter account revealed the latest of “Arome,” also known as Tentatek in the West.



Tentatek is a sporting brand that took the world by storm with its high-tech sneakers. The fashion brand grew and polished through their sense of fashion blended with functionality from the latest technology.


The brand offers top-class athlete gear as well as super popular models who help advertise it.



Here’s a look at Tentatek’s new “Hi-Gray Sea Slug” shoes. It’s the long-awaited high-cut model of the classic Sea Slug series.With a giant logo that takes the bull by its horns, it has a calm color, and it is definitely up for sports performance.


Splatoon 2 releases for Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2017.

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