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Splatoon 2’s Next Weapon Is The Gold Dynamo Roller, And Blackbelly Skatepark Is The Next Stage



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Nintendo announced that the next new weapon for Splatoon 2 is none other than the Gold Dynamo Roller. Here’s a look at some new screenshots from the official Japanese Twitter account.




Just like it was in the first Splatoon, the Gold Dynamo Roller is identical to the Dynamo Roller in terms of range, speed, weight, and power, but it comes with a different Splat Bomb sub-weapon and Ink Armor special weapon.





Nintendo also announced that the classic stage Blackbelly Skatepark will be making its way to Splatoon 2 at the same time the Gold Dynamo Roller makes it into the game, at 11:00am JST in Japan on October 28, so that’s 7:00pm PT/10:00pm ET later today in North America, and early tomorrow morning at 4:00am CEST for Europe.


Splatoon 2 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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