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Splatoon Is Getting A 61-Track Original Soundtrack Album Titled “Splatune”



Nintendo announced in this week’s issue of Famitsumagazine that they’re releasing an original soundtrack album for Splatoon, appropriately titled “Splatune,” and it’ll feature 61 tracks of music and sounds.



When considering how catching Splatoon’s music is, the inevitable original soundtrack comes as no big surprise. The album will feature 37 music tracks, 10 single tracks, and 14 tracks based on sound effects, for a total of 61 tracks as part of a two-disc collection.


“Splattack!” and “Squid Sisters” (in the above video) are among some of the popular tracks that will be featured in the upcoming album that is slated for release in Japan on October 21st for 3,200 yen plus tax.

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