Splatoon’s Famitsu Costume Is Good For Beginners


splatoon famitsu costume


Last time, we looked a little closer at the Ika Musume costume appearing in Splatoon. It wasn’t the only unusual collection added to the game with the August update. The Famitsu sushi chef attire was added as well, and this costume is another two-star set that works well for beginners.


People should start seeing the Famitsu costume pretty quickly in Splatoon, since it doesn’t consist of three-star items. (The rarest kind, which usually only appear in a shop once per day.) The prices for the Traditional Headband, Traditional Apron, and Traditional Sandals are affordable too. The hat is 1,600 gold, the apron is 2,000, and the shoes are 1,700. Each one has one ability pre-set, and two others that unlock with experience.


The Famitsu Splatoon shoes are quickly outclassed, since the starting Run Speed Up ability isn’t very viable compared to three-star shoes found eventually in the game. However, the two starting abilities for the Traditional Apron and Headband coordinate well for beginners.


Those starting out might find themselves getting splatted fairly regularly. Especially if they’re taking on Ranked Battles for the first time against more experienced individuals. The Traditional Apron’s Quick Respawn, a fairly common skill found on clothing, hats, and shoes, lets an inkling respawn faster. This pairs perfectly with the Traditional Headband’s Comeback, which temporarily boosts stats immediately after an Inkling respawns.


People who have just picked up Splatoon, perhaps after hearing that Private Battles were added, will find the Famitsu set stylish and helpful while learning the intricacies of the maps. It may prove especially helpful in Camp Triggerfish or Moray Towers, as people learn about the various side-routes and attempt to find perfect positions to strike opponents.


I wouldn’t recommend sticking with this particular costume for long, however. While one could use Sea Snails, earned from Splat Fests, to add additional ability slots or reroll abilities, it would be better to eventually upgrade to equipment with skills like Ink Saver Main, Stealth Jump, Last-Ditch Effort, and Tenacity.


I especially recommend having something with Tenacity attached to it on a night when the Splatoon connection seems extra tenuous. If someone on your team gets disconnected, your special gauge will automatically fill due to your side being outnumbered.

Jenni Lada
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