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Splatoon’s Final Map Will Make A Splash In The Game Later Today



Last week, Splatoon received its final weapon addition, and later today the game will get its final map added in the form of Ancho-V Games, as announced on the official Japanese Twitter account.


The Ancho-V Games map will be available in Splatoon at the following times later in the day:


  • 6:00 PM PT (Thursday)


  • 9:00 PM ET (Thursday)


  • 2:00 AM in the UK (Friday)


  • 3:00 AM in Europe (Friday)


 splatoon-map-3 splatoon-map-4

splatoon-map-5 splatoon-map-6

splatoon-map-7 splatoon-map-8

Splatoon is available for the Wii U.