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Splatoon’s Octopi Villains Aren’t Exactly The Brightest, But Still Dangerous


We recently got a look at Splatoon’s control schemes, and other useful tidbits shared by the developers. The official Japanese Twitter account for the game shares the latest including a little more on the villainous Octopus Corps.

The above is another image that was sent out by the “Squid Research Laboratory,” and it gives us a look at a sketch depicting the base of the Octopus Corps. They say that it’s made from the ruins of a civilization that existed long ago, and there’s just something familiar about it…

Additionally, the Squid Research Laboratory shared more on the difference between squid and octopus ink. Squid ink is used to escape predators, while ink from an octopus is more of a smoke screen.

The turf wars in Splatoon lets you use special weapons, which can be accessed by spreading paint on the ground to gain power. One of these special weapons is the “Barrier” that lets you reflect enemy attacks. This is just one of the many special weapons out there.

Here’s a look at one of the combatants of the Octopus Corps. It rides some sort of hovercraft that can soot out ink. They may be powerful, but not exactly the smartest, so when you hide inside ink, they’ll immediately lose sight of you.

Splatoon will release in Q2 of 2015 for Wii U.

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