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When a cross-over costume hits a game, you expect it to be something special. Certainly, that’s what I expected when I found out the Ika Musume Squid Girl costume was coming to Splatoon. In practice, it isn’t an extraordinarily exceptional outfit for Inklings.

Surprisingly, the three piece outfit isn’t all that special. Each piece is only a two star item. To compare, the highest level in Splatoon is three star, as that means it has four abilities attached to it. Each Squid Girl accessory has three abilities.


The Squid Girl outfit’s abilities also aren’t exceptionally rare or unique. her hat comes with Opening Gambit, a skill that makes an Inkling faster for the first 30 seconds. It’s a skill that isn’t uncommon for Splatoon headgear.


Squid Girl’s dress and shoes suffer from the same “flaw.” Both are also two star items. The dress comes with Damage Up, and the shoes have Swim Speed Up. Given the originating character’s desire to end humanity’s polluting ways by taking over the world, you’d think a piece of clothing representing her would have had Tenacity, the skill that automatically fills the special gauge when your team is outnumbered.


The Splatoon Squid Girl costume is undeniably cute. It’s disappointing that it isn’t powerful, requiring people to expend Sea Snails earned from Splat Fests to have Spyke upgrade them. If they appear in your shops, Cooler Heads sells the hat for 1,600 coins,  Shrimp Kicks has the shoes for 1,700, and Jelly Fresh has the dress for 2,000. Male and female Inklings can wear the outfit.

Jenni Lada
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