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Splatoon’s Upcoming North American Splatfest Pits Burgers Against Pizza



Splatoon is once again pitting two food favorites against each other in the upcoming North American Splatfest. Beginning on Friday, December 4th at 9PM PT, the Splatfest will let players choose between burgers or pizza this time around to decide once and for all which of the foods is superior.


However, this isn’t the first food-centric Splatfest to take place. Back during August’s North American Splatfest, it was determined that, as far as campfire food goes, marshmallows were vastly favored over hotdogs. Even Japan had their own Splatfest food battle back in October in which squid proved to be the favorite for sushi over octopus.


Splatoon is available for the Wii U.