Your Spoony Bards Must Journey To Kreisia!



Kemco have finished localizing Journey to Kresia and it’s now available for Android phones. The game’s story is about high-school student Yusis, who in typical JRPG fashion, is teleported to an unknown world, which he now needs to save.


See, the Overlord here revives every 10 years (Have we heard this before?) and it’s Yusis’ turn at saving the land of Kreisia.


Despite never having held a sword in his life, he’s off on a grand adventure with priestess Cynthia, who isn’t afraid of throwing him around the room. Along the way, he’s joined by other equally awesome friends such as taciturn lady knight Laminah and the awesome Anemos, a bard who rocks out during battles.



Those battles are classic Kemco fare, which means turn-based combat and a deeper system behind the fight with skills coming from item equips. The more you use a weapon, the stronger it actually gets, which, after having watched Kirito from Sword Art Online craft his way to epicness with his twin swords bonus stats, sounds completely legitimate to me. There’s also a magic stone enhancement system that lets you slot in magic stones Diablo style to enhance gear.



Journey to Kreisia is out now on Android and will be coming to iOS soon as well. As a special opening games present, the game is also going for 50% off from its launch price and is available at the sale price of just $3.99.