Spring Pikachu and Mimikyu Plush Headline New Pokemon Center Collection

Spring Pikachu and Mimikyu Plush Headline New Pokemon Center Collection

When certain seasons and holidays come up, The Pokemon Company often releases collections of themed stuffed animals. With Easter 2022 on the way, the next batch arrived. People can now find six keychains and two full stuffed toys at the Pokemon Center. The two stars of the plush lineup this time are Spring Pikachu and Mimikyu.

The Spring Pikachu and Mimikyu plush are both available as about five inch tall keychains and about eight inch tall. Each keychain is $14.99, while the larger stuffed animals are $19.99. Pikachu is wearing a white dress with a matching bonnet. There are also flowers on it. Mimikyu is wearing a white top hat, bow tie, and monocle and carrying an egg.

The remaining four Pokemon plush are only available as the $14.99 keychains. Azumarill, Buneary, Happiny, and Leafeon are all a part of the lineup as well. Each one also features white formal wear like top hats, capes, and bows. Some are also carrying eggs. Each one is also tied to the season in some way. What with Azumarill and Buneary being rabbit-like, Happiny’s connection to eggs, and Leafeon’s ties to growth.

The Spring Pokemon stuffed animals are now available in the Pokemon Center outside Japan. Other new additions include the return of Intern Pikachu in Europe.

Jenni Lada
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