SpyParty Trailer Explains How To Play While Showing Off Its New Art



Chris Hecker has released a new trailer for his 1v1 espionage game SpyParty that shows off the game’s new art as well as goes over the basics of how the game works.


The trailer acts as a decent primer for anyone who isn’t familiar with SpyParty, especially as it’s just over a minute long. The gist of it is that one player is a spy at a cocktail party who must try to blend in with the AI crowd of party-goers while performing a series of actions. The other player is a sniper who is looking out for the spy and has a time limit in which to spot them and shoot them – they only have one chance.



SpyParty has been in development for many years now (since at least 2009) as can be proven by Siliconera’s hands-on preview with the game from back in 2011. Still, it’s really taking shape now, especially with the new artwork, which is being added in bit by bit. In fact, the most recent characters were added at the end of May, and include a Sikh character, a rocker, and identical twins who should make things rather interesting for the sniper (what if they lose track of which twin they think is the spy?).


You can see the full character cast in SpyParty of those who have been added above. For more information on the game check out its website. It should be coming to Windows and Mac once it’s finished.

Chris Priestman