Squall And Other Characters Get Videos For Dissidia Final Fantasy



In Square Enix’s latest series of character introduction videos for Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcade, Final Fantasy VIII’s Squall Leonhart gets his highlight trailer, along with several more from Cecil, Zidane, and Shantotto.


The above is a look at Squall Leonhart’s highlight video. He’s listed as a Speed-type character who  can increase his attack power by timing his attacks with a good tempo.


His EX Skill is called “Draw & Junction,” and it increases his abilities to make them go well against his locked-on target, based on their range and type.


Here are some more video footage of other characters, courtesy of Dengeki:


Cecil Harvey:


The video also shows the Leviathan Summon in action.


Squall Leonhart:





The extra Squall footage shows us more of the Summoned Beast Shiva.


Zidane Tribal:



Ramuh makes an appearance in this one.





And finally, we get to see some of Odin in action for Shantotto’s video.


Here are the other character trailers shown thus far:


Dissidia Final Fantasy launches in Japan for arcade on November 26, 2015.

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