Square Enix Announces New Competitive Card Game Servant of Thrones For Smartphone



Square Enix announced their latest smartphone game, Servant of Thrones, a new competitive card game in the works for iOS and Android. Here’s a look at its first screenshots and cards.


002 003

004 005

Servant of Thrones is a real-time competitive card game, where players use eight cards aside with the objective of taking out the enemy base.


Here’s a look at some of the cards:

014 015 016

Aphrodite, Gilles de Rais, and Berserker

017 018 019

Pressure Stamp, Hel, and Pegasus

020 021 022

Mermaid, Ramuh, and Dongyue Dadi

023 024 025

Yinglong, Danten no Kaenhou, Curse of the Weakening


Many of the minion cards are illustrated by top-notch artists. Here’s a look at a few more that you might recognize:


006 007 008

Odin, Jeanne d’Arc, and Metatron

009 010 011

Queen of Hearts, Venus, and Litch


From May 10 through May 13, the first 5,000 players can participate in the closed beta for the game, which is currently available to sign up for here.


Servant of Thrones launches in Japan sometime in 2017 for iPhone and Android.

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