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Late last month, Square Enix and Straight Edge announced that they are working on a collaboration project with A Certain Magical Index writer and character designer Kazuma Kamachi and Kiyotaka Haimura, and this has been revealed to be Shin Kaku Gi Kou and the Eleven Destroyers. [Thanks, Game’s Talk!]



The crux of this project is the upcoming smartphone game, but Square Enix plans to spin this into its own multimedia franchise, including a novel and comic as well. The smartphone game will come out in 2019.


The production will be handled by Square Enix and Straight Edge, Kazuma Kamachi is the writer, Kiyotaka Haimura is the character designer, and the opening animation is being done by Studio Trigger. The theme song for the game is “Future is Mine” by Myth & Roid.



In a land of swords and magic, there was a living creature, an evil god, that lived there.

People feared its existence, but at the same time were tempted by its power.

“I want that power…”

This dangerous wish led to them breaking off the evil god’s horns, and embed them in giant weapons known as “Shin Kaku Gi Kou”.

Currently, there are ten of these fearsome machines across the land, each of which are strong enough to topple a country and its army.

However, one day, Moebius, the strongest user of these machines, appears by chance while severely hurt in front of a young boy named Miyabi, and entrusts his “power” to him. He then explains…

There is an 11th Shin Kaku Gi Kou out there, that nobody knows about.

Before that uncontrollable creature destroys the entire land, you must protect everyone.



Miyabi Blackgarden (CV: Miyu Irino)

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A young boy who a young evil god named Alma has taken a liking to. He succeeds Moebius in using a Shin Kaku Gi Kou, which is known as a symbol of destruction.


Alma (CV: Yuka Ozaki)

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A baby evil god who has imprinted on Miyabi after hatching. Doesn’t look the part.


Moebius Entrance (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

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The person who passes on a Shin Kaku Gi Kou to Miyabi. He helps solve national-level problems behind the scenes. Despite being a capable user who has his own Shin Kaku Gi Kou, he personally wants to resign from this responsibility.


Alicia Blueforest (CV: Inori Minase)

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An elf who shows interest in Alma, and has known Miyabi since his childhood. The radio-esque philosopher’s stone hanging from her neck can talk, and is the result of her hobby.


Helen Clockgear (CV: Kana Hanazawa)

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A person sent from the Republic to monitor Miyabi and Alma. She’s a bit clumsy.


Celina Bodenburg (CV: Ayana Taketatsu)

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A Shin Kaku Gi Kou user, and the heiress of the powerful Bodenburg financial conglomerate. Her Shin Kaku Gi Kou handles all their shipping needs.


Eliza Silverstorm (CV: Ai Kayano)

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One of the White Seithr knights from the Factory Kingdom. Because of her compatibility with her Shin Kaku Gi Kou, she’s in charge of operations.


shin kaku gi kou


A look at the Shin Kaku Gi Kou, the strongest magical weapons in the land. In order to use them, you need a weapon that acts as its key.


Gameplay (begins at the 4:29:31 mark)


The smartphone game features a mix of action combat and crafting gameplay in a block field. Players can destroy and gather blocks and construct buildings and items. During battle, you can summon the Shin Kaku Gi Kou for massive damage to both enemies and the environment. There will also be co-op gameplay with other players.


Shin Kaku Gi Kou and the Eleven Destroyers will first be serialized as a manga in Manga Up! starting on October 29, 2018. Furthermore, a novelization written by Kazuma Kamachi, published under Dengeki Bunko, has been confirmed. The smartphone game will come out in 2019 as a free-to-play game with microtransactions.

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