Square Enix Announces World’s First Apple Watch-Exclusive RPG With “Cosmos Rings”



Square Enix announced Cosmos Rings, the world’s first Apple Watch-exclusive RPG that will release worldwide in summer 2016.


Cosmos Rings features the “Time Upstream System” that uses the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown. The game will send you various messages according to your daily step counts as part of an experience that Square Enix says can only be done through the Apple Watch.


The graphics are said to be beautiful, and it’ll have a mix of dot-art looks to bring a feeling of nostalgia. The producer is Takehiro Ando who worked on Square Enix’s Chaos Rings series. Shun Kanbe from Square Enix will also co-produce, and we’ll have key visuals by Yusuke Naora who worked as an art director on titles such as Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X, XV and many other Final Fantasy  titles. He also worked as a character designer for the Chaos Rings games.


The story takes place in the world of the “Interval of Time,” where emotions of mankind swirl. The “time that has stopped” has once again continued to move, and in order to bring back the “Goddess of Time,” you’ll need to face the many human emotions from the “Interval of Time.” Exactly what awaits remains unknown…


Cosmos Rings will release for Apple Watch in summer 2016.

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