Square Enix Collective Game Pankapu: The DreamKeeper Now On Kickstarter


Launched on Kickstarter with the support of the Square Enix Collective, Pankapu: The DreamKeeper is an episodic 2D platform-action game about the titular tiny being trying to rid a world of nightmares. It will have a soundtrack composed by Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana).


The game takes place on the dreamlike world of Omnia, which is where the God of dreams, Iketomi, sends Pankapu after creating him to discover the mystery behind the world’s invasion and to lift the veil on the ancestral secrets.


However, the entire story of Omnia and Pankapu is actually a tale that’s being read to a child called Djaha’Rell. It’s all taking place in the kid’s imagination, who shapes the characters and situations with parts of his troubled past. And so by playing through the imagined world you get to learn more about Djaha’Rell.


While playing as Pankapu, you’ll get to switch between three Aegis (acting like Jobs) in real-time, as well as advance him through the Nebula System – a skill tree that unlocks “Competencies.” It’s also encouraged to replay levels to find new weapons.


The current plan is to get the first episode of Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper out in the first quarter of 2016 on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The development team at Too Kind Studio is seeking €40,000 to make that happen.

Chris Priestman