Square Enix Collective Is Now Taking Feedback For Legend Of Lumina


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Square Enix Collective is currently seeking feedback for Legend of Lumina, a JRPG inspired by the Rune Factory series and Digimon World. Although there is a storyline, players have the option to get lost in farming, fishing, logging, or mining. All the monsters and giant bosses in the game can be tamed, trained, and used as mounts.


Siliconera previously took a look at Legend of Lumina this past June. Since then, the development team at Apex Frontier has shared more details on the role of villagers as it relates to building up the town in the game. There are only a handful of villagers in the town to start, and additional characters can be invited to become villagers of the town. By helping villagers and befriending them, players unlock their help and resources in return.


A pre-Alpha trailer has also been published to give interested players a look at the progress made thus far.



Legend of Lumina is expected to launch sometime in the second quarter of 2017.