Square Enix Cooked Up Some Imperial Treats For The “Romancing Saga” Event



Square Enix recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the SaGa franchise with a collaboration event called “Romancing Saga,” along with Japan’s Saga Prefecture. During the event, they showed several traditional plates featuring artwork by series illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi. What would go best with SaGa-style plates, you ask? SaGa-themed food, of course!


It wouldn’t be a party with a bunch of empty plates, so Square Enix put together a special themed menu for the SaGa series and Saga prefecture, called “Romancing Saga Temptations”. Check out some of the food they had at the event!


sec_04_img_06 sec_04_img_07

Here’s the “Captain Hawke’s Pirate-style Fedelni” (Romancing SaGa) that even has a bird-shaped topping, and “Sif’s Valhalland Type Cream Pasta” (Romancing SaGa).


sec_04_img_08 sec_04_img_09

To the left are yummy meat buns called “Saga’s Treasure Legend,” a play on words for SaGa 2: The Treasure Legend (Japanese title of Final Fantasy Legend II,) and the “Imperial Throne Succeeding Salad” that has slices of lotus root.


sec_04_img_10 sec_04_img_11

Last but not least, we got some desserts named after SaGa places with the “Margmel” (Romancing SaGa 2) orange and custard cream tart cake, and the strawberry tiramisu “Shrike” (SaGa Frontier).

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