Square Enix And Falcom Team Up For A Costume Collaboration



It happened once before, so why can’t it happen again? Falcom and Square-Enix have come forth again, with a Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash collaboration with Square-Enix’s Fantasy Earth Zero.


Similar to the last collab—which featured Trails in the Sky’s set of items—this season’s includes costumes, weapons, voice changes and so forth. The collaboration runs from now until October 28th. The collaboration will let players dress themselves up as Rean and Ari in their school uniforms and battle outfits. There’s also school instructor Sara’s uniform and Major Neithardt’s outfit.


Don’t forget that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC will get a release next year in the US, though there’s still no word on when the sequel being featured here, Trails in the Flash, will come over.


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