Square Enix Files Trademark For Parasite Eve In The UK



Square Enix  trademarked “Parasite Eve in the United Kingdom the other day, following the same trademark that was filed in Europe back in November 2018.


Unlike Square Enix’s recent Mana series-related trademarks in the United States and Europe, the Parasite Eve trademark has only been registered in Europe and the United Kingdom in recent months.


Considering the first Parasite Eve never released in Europe, Square Enix could be planning a port or digital release via PS one Classics’ PAL region in the near future. That or a mobile port.


Parasite Eve first released for the PlayStation in Japan in March 1998 followed by a North American released in September 1998. Its sequel Parasite Eve II released for PlayStation in Japan in December 1999, Europe in August 2000, and North America in September 2000.

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