Square Enix Is Hiring Staff To Make Something For Dragon Quest Using Unreal Engine 4



Square Enix might be cooking up something new for Dragon Quest, as we heard back in July that they made a part of Dragon Quest III using Unreal Engine 4 and now they’re recruiting a technical artist with experience on the engine.


Here’s what Square Enix expects from the technical artist they’re looking to hire for the Dragon Quest series:

  • Creating shaders using Unreal Engine 4
  • Help on quality improvement through inspections, expression technique, and suggestions
  • Artist workflow construction and improvement
  • Working with leaders


Those who are accepted will get a chance to work on a project for the Dragon Quest series. The position is a crucial and indispensable role for the project, where it’ll be required to find new methods of expression, organizing workflow, and more.


While the position comes with big responsibilities, Square Enix says it’s a position that is very well worth it.


The only requirements are having an interest in game production for the current generation of consoles, and a vast knowledge of all DCC tools and shaders. Having knowledge about the ins and outs of Unreal Engine 4 isn’t a requirement, but certainly preferred for the position. Other extra points for having vast knowledge in making shaders, lighting, experience on supporting artist workflow, and more.

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