Square Enix Is Considering A Dragon Quest III Remake But Dragon Quest XII Is A Bigger Focus



During Square Enix’s 38th annual meeting of stockholders, Dragon Quest series executive producer Yu Miyake answered some questions about possible Dragon Quest remakes. [Thanks, @michisuzu.]


Q: There’s been plenty of talk about the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but are there any plans for an HD remake of Dragon Quest or Dragon Quest II? I hope it is being considered now that it passed its 30th anniversary.

Yu Miyake, series executive producer: “I want to do it. After making Dragon Quest XI, I learned that it can be pretty tough to make a full-HD game. Where to concentrate our resources, and such.


We talked about a Dragon Quest III remake about 4 to 5 years ago, but if anything, we should probably make Dragon Quest XII instead [laughs]. There are also other series, and we have a new development line, so perhaps when the timing is right. For now we don’t have any plans [for a Dragon Quest III remake], but there’s still room for consideration.”


Dragon Quest III first released in Japan in February 1988 for the Famicom, followed by a North American release in March 1992 for the NES.

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