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Square Enix Launches Season 2 of Symbiogenesis NFT Project

Square Enix launched Season 2 of its NFT project Symbiogenesis on June 20, 2024. This new season is titled “Gakuentoshi” and continues the story of the protagonist, Chroma.

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Symbiogenesis features multiple storylines that focus on a mysterious floating continent. While the main storyline is readily accessible for all players, additional information requires purchasing the NFTs, unlocking via acquiring specific items, or collaborating with others on the project’s Discord server.

Season 2 of Symbiogenesis introduces new elements Square Enix apparently designed to maintain player engagement with the NFT project. The latest update includes rewards for players up to the 500th place in the rankings. Additionally, speed-clearing rewards are available based on how quickly players discover quest items. The central conflict this season revolves around the battle between a dragon and the dragon slayer Chroma in the city of Gakuentoshi. 

The project’s website is accessible in English and Japanese with Google Chrome browsers on PCs and mobile devices. It also requires all users to have a MetaMask NFT wallet and a Discord account with two-factor authentication enabled.

Symbiogenesis is available worldwide on PCs, Android, and iOS devices via Google Chrome browsers.

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