Yahoo’s Monster x Dragon Gets Final Fantasy XI Summons In Crossover


As we reported two years ago, there’s a collaboration between Yahoo’s online game service and Square Enix to produce a PC-only game called Monster x Dragon. This game is about to celebrate its second anniversary.


Monster x Dragon is kind of a cross between a card battler, tile-based semi-turn based game. It looks like it even has an ATB (Active Time Battle) system where your action points regenerate as the game goes on. It’s possible to fight alongside your guild for massively huge battles with dozens of units on the battlefield at once.



As part of the second anniversary, a whole slew of new additions will be made to the game, including a new Summoner commander class. This class will be able to, instead of having cards or units on the table, cast them directly from hand like a true man with his bag of tricks. These summoned beings include special versions of Final Fantasy XI summons such as Ifrit Prime, Carbuncle Prime, Shiva Prime and Ramuh Prime. Each will have their uses—such as the obvious blocking power of Carbuncle Prime.


Other additions include a much-prayed for Warp Gate, which saves everyone some time when they’re trying to get together for a push on an enemy – though it also works the other way around. A new black version of cards will mean a new power level, such as Ifrit, which turn Ifrit’s into Ifrit Dragonia’s. These don’t seem to be the same as the ones the Summoner can cast.


Monster x Dragon’s first part of the big update is out now on PC in Japan.