Square Enix To Open A Theater Cafe & Dining Shop To Promote Game Spectating In Japan



Square Enix announced they’re opening a “theater café & dining” establishment called Storia this October in Japan, with a focus on promoting the fun of video games to its customers.




Video games today aren’t only enjoyed by simply playing them, but also through spectating videos and online streams. Similar to how folks watch sports on TV, the goal of Storia is to bring the Japanese video game spectating scene up to speed by providing an area that can make it a part of everyday life.


Storia will be a place where everyone from family to friends, and other customers, can gather together and enjoy meals and tea while checking out some gaming action at a lighthearted pace.


In the shop, you can expect to see various gameplay videos playing on the screens, and they’ll also host various events for gaming on the stage. There are plans to have customers enjoy and participate in the events as well.


As far as what kind of games they’ll feature at Storia, Square Enix titles are a given, but they’ll also have content from other developers for console, PC, smartphone, arcade, and more.


Storia opens in Japan on October 5, 2016 at 11:00am JST. It’ll be located at Tokyo on the 6th floor of the Taito Station Ikebukuro West Exit Shop.

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