Square Enix Recruiting Planners, Designers, And More For A Next-Generation Dragon Quest



Square Enix’s team behind Dragon Quest XI is working on a new Dragon Quest title made for the next generation, and they’re recruiting planners, designers, and more to join their adventure.


Below is a message about a “new challenge following Dragon Quest XI” by director Takeshi Uchikawa:


We, the 2nd Development Division, have begun a new project by the team that worked on Dragon Quest XI, and we’re starting a challenge of making a Dragon Quest for the next generation.

The goal of this project is to “Deliver a new appeal of Dragon Quest to fans around the world.”

In order to achieve this, we’re in need of new “allies” with the same resolution.

As for development, we just wrapped up the conceptual stage and we’re now entering a phase that involves further improving on the quality of the game.

How would you like to join me, Yuji Horii, and the others to make a new kind of history for Dragon Quest, with deep emotions we’ve yet to feel, as part of a brand-new HD title?

To all you developers who love doing new things, we’re looking forward to your applications!

2nd Development Division


Takeshi Uchikawa


The development staff is currently recruiting the following positions:



  • Battle System Planner



  • Facial Motion Designer
  • 2D Background Designer
  • Motion Designer


Technical Artist

  • Technical Artist (Facial, etc.)


Earlier this month we heard from producer Yu Miyake who said that they were currently making preparations for Dragon Quest XII, but it’ll still be a while until we get some kind of announcement.

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