Square Enix Showcased Artwork For “Final Fantasy Type-Next”



    During a recent launch event for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that took place in Hong Kong, Square Enix showcased a look at some concept art for a new title, Final Fantasy Type-Next. Here’s a look at some of the images that were shown during the event. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


    ff-type-next_150320-1 ff-type-next_150320-2 ff-type-next_150320-3 ff-type-next_150320-4 ff-type-next_150320-5 ff-type-next_150320-6  ff-type-next_150320-7 ff-type-next_150320-8

    ff-type-next_150320-9 ff-type-next_150320-10

    ff-type-next_150320-11 ff-type-next_150320-12

    ff-type-next_150320-13 ff-type-next_150320-14



    Director Hajime Tabata began production on Final Fantasy Type-Next after they were done with Final Fantasy Type-0, but since he has taken over the director role for Final Fantasy XV, Type-Next’s development is currently at a hold.


    Spoiler alert for those of you currently playing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but the below is a secret movie shown in the game, which might give you a little hint at what’s to come.


    According to Tabata, him and the Final Fantasy Type-0 team would like to complete Type-Next, but it sounds like we’ll have to wait until they’re done with Final Fantasy XV, for the time being.


    Siliconera previously spoke with Tabata, and he shared a little more on the future, and what we can expect, from the series by saying “Type-1 could potentially be a story more geared towards adults while Type-2 could be a little more kid-oriented” when talking about age demographic with the Type series. You can read more about it in our interview with the man.

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