Square Enix Symbiogenesis Involves NFTs, Not Parasite Eve

Square Enix Symbiogenesis Involves NFTs, Not Parasite Eve

The nature of a Square Enix trademark has been revealed. However, the name isn’t tied to a possible series it seemed to be. Square Enix announced Symbiogenesis, a new endeavor involving NFTs. It will launch in Spring 2023. Initially, the trademarked name almost seemed as though it could have shared a connection with the series Parasite Eve.

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Square Enix didn’t offer too many details about the upcoming experience, aside from confirming NFTs will play a part. It revealed a logo and described it as a “collectible art project” with a story.

Here’s the official announcement, which included a brief teaser video that showed off the logo.

When the trademark first came up in October 2022, people theorized the name could be tied to the Parasite Eve series. This is because the scientific term is connected to eukaryotic cells like mitochondria, which play an important part in the Parasite Eve series’ lore.

This reveal does tie in with something Square Enix confirmed earlier in 2022. The company noted that it wanted to create story-focused NFTs. However, when it discussed that, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda mentioned it wouldn’t be making Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy blockchain games “yet.”

Symbiogenesis will appear in Spring 2023.

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