Square Enix Plans to Create “Story-Focused” NFTs

Square Enix NFTs

Square Enix has shared information about future plans for the company, which includes the creation of “story-focused” NFTs. This information appeared during the Square Enix Shareholders’ 2022 Meeting Report. The report also revealed the extent of the financial success of Final Fantasy XIV. Beyond that, it included a look at how the company’s mobile market is fairing. [Thanks, michsuzuki!]

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Final Fantasy XIV is up 56% from the previous year. Previous reports concerning the continued success of Final Fantasy XIV have mentioned the Endwalker expansion, which released in December 2021. And while Square Enix has continued to expand its mobile division, there was no report of any significant change or success among its recent releases.

However, Square Enix further revealed its intentions to incorporate NFTs into its business model in some tangible way. This includes the development of “blockchain games and entertainment,” and, most notably, the production of NFTs that will focus on stories. This goal is included in Square Enix’s medium-term strategy. On the topic of turning Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy into blockchain games, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda said this:

It’s still a bit too early to consider making Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games, and we’re not at the stage of thinking about that yet.

In January 2022, Matsuda discussed interest in the “Metaverse” and other blockchain technology. In a statement, he expressed interest in the “play to earn” model. However, outside of the creation of NFTs for Million Arthur, the company has yet to commit to the development and release of NFTs in association with more mainstream titles.

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