Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Won’t Rule Out Any IPs, Including New, Active, And Inactive, For Nintendo Switch



Square Enix had its financial results briefing, where they had a lot to share about Nintendo Switch support, including plans to “aggressively” work on mid-ranged titles for the platform.


Here are highlights from The Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki:

  • Switch’s core architecture similar to PS4/Xbox One. Some adjustment necessary, but multi-platform games not impossible


  • Think Switch’s momentum is very strong


  • Nintendo doing great is great for us


  • Switch’s positioning is unique vs PS4 & Xbox One


  • Switch’s one ideal platform to put middle-range games, which got tough to achieve business success. SquareEnix’s good at making these games, so would work on these aggressively


  • (When consider games for Switch), we won’t rule out any IPs. Those include new ones, currently active ones, currently not-active ones.


  • Probably other platforms will get these too as part of multi, but we would aggressively make games for Switch
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