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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Battle System Development Is Going Through Some Trial And Error



Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake but there are still plenty of questions as far as how the game will turn out. Square Enix is currently trying to figure some of it out themselves, as producer Yoshinori Kitase had a few to share about its development during an interview with Famitsu. [Thanks, Hachima.]


During the interview, Famitsu states that the hurdle of making a high-end remake for Final Fantasy VII must be quite high.


“We’re beginning to see its visual direction,” said Kitase about the game’s current development. “On the other hand, we’re going through trial and error as far as its battle system goes,” said Kitase.


There’s a possibility that Square Enix won’t go with a command-based battle system for the Final Fantasy VII remake, and that said, they’re being extra careful on where to take it from here.


Square Enix is being careful not to just make it into a remake that might end up being like a familiar action RPG that we’ve seen before, so they’re looking to find a way to come up with something surprising, yet with a Final Fantasy VII feel to it.


“Please don’t ask us how far along we are in its development,” Kitase said with a laugh.

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