Square Enix’s Answer To Inazuma Eleven Is Puzzle Soccer



Square Enix is currently developing a free-to-play match-3 soccer RPG for iOS called Puzzle Soccer. It’s currently in soft-launch in Australia but will be getting a global launch at a later date.


It’s not quite Inazuma Eleven given that, instead of controlling your soccer team directly during matches, in Puzzle Soccer the idea is to match icons in a grid to defend, dribble the ball, and shoot.


However, Puzzle Soccer does have RPG elements outside of this, including working  your way across a world map (consisting of over 80 levels) on a “soccer adventure,” collecting new players for your squad, and powering them up to perform better.


You can also challenge friends to matches in the multiplayer mode as well as compete in tournaments and the global leaderboards. Being free-to-play, it also has Boosters and an energy system.

Chris Priestman