Square Enix’s Artnia Store Is Selling Final Fantasy VII Chocolates

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If you live in Japan, you might want to run down to Shinjuku. Square Enix’s official merchandise store Artnia is selling special limited edition Final Fantasy VII Valentine’s Day chocolates—and they’re a real wonder to behold.


Blog Hachima spotted the news, and if you head down you can pick up the snazzy and beautiful Final Fantasy VII Materia set. The Materia set features five differently flavored chocolates dressed up as the Materia magics players could obtain from the game.


While technically woman are supposed to be the ones buying chocolates for men on Valentine’s Day in Japan, we won’t tell if you purchase this 3000 yen (US$30) set.



Alternatively, you could opt for the (slightly) cheaper Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children sets. These comes in a three (1400 yen or $14) or five piece (2000 yen or $20) set and features art from the Advent Series bits.


As a fun fact, Valentine’s Day this year also falls on the Chinese Valentine’s Day, or Chap Goh Mei—the 15th day of the Lunar New Year. Yeah, that should make it doubly special if you’re able to get your hands on these for a loved one (or yourself).

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