fez-trails-w-07You can dress up your Fantasy Earth Zero character as Lloyd, Estelle, Tio, Joshua, and a bunch of other characters from Falcom’s Legend of Heroes series. Square Enix’s online RPG now has a bunch of crossover items from the Trails in the Sky series available for a limited time.


Fantasy Earth Zero has armor, weapons, hair styles, and voice tickets that let you change your character’s voice actor to say Elie MacDowell or Randy Orlando.


These items will be available in Fantasy Earth Zero until July 1.


Legend of Heroes armor

fez-trails-01 fez-trails-18 fez-trails-17 fez-trails-16 fez-trails-15 fez-trails-14 fez-trails-13 fez-trails-12 fez-trails-11 fez-trails-10 fez-trails-09 fez-trails-08 fez-trails-07 fez-trails-06 fez-trails-05 fez-trails-04 fez-trails-03 fez-trails-02


Legend of Heroes hairstyles

fez-trails-19 fez-trails-28 fez-trails-27 fez-trails-26 fez-trails-25 fez-trails-24 fez-trails-23 fez-trails-22 fez-trails-21 fez-trails-20


Legend of Heroes weapons

fez-trails-w-01 fez-trails-w-19 fez-trails-w-18 fez-trails-w-17 fez-trails-w-16 fez-trails-w-15 fez-trails-w-14 fez-trails-w-13 fez-trails-w-12 fez-trails-w-11 fez-trails-w-10 fez-trails-w-09 fez-trails-w-08 fez-trails-w-06 fez-trails-w-05 fez-trails-w-04 fez-trails-w-03 fez-trails-w-02

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