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Square Enix’s King Of Hell Reduced To A Lowly Promotional Tool For Drakengard 3


The anti-hero, King of Hell, from the PlayStation Vita title Army Corps of Hell has been terrorizing Twitter since Square Enix’s Army Corps of Hell promotional campaign, where the dark lord had become an official spokesperson and amassed Twitter followers who found a liking to his cheeky, sarcastic humor. After a three-month absence, he’s back and will be joining forces with Drakengard 3 after an unexpected turn of events.


“It looks like I’ve returned to this world once again…”


Just when we thought that Twitter was safe from the King of Hell, he returns after a three-month break in the depths of underworld. This time, he appeared with two flowers in his eyes. They resemble the one seen on Drakengard 3 heroine Zero’s right eye.


According to the King of Hell, they’re flowers he bought at a department store and he’s only wearing them as a fashion statement. We here at Siliconera value our lives, so please take his word for it when he says that it is by no means a way to help promote Drakengard 3.


Here’s a look at a humorous turn of events on how the unlikely two decided to join forces. It started after Drakengard 3’s official Twitter account went ahead and followed the King of Hell.


“Hey, you bastard, don’t just go ahead and follow me. I don’t want to be involved in the advertising of the latest work in 10 years, Drakengard 3 (PS3: slated for release on October 31st!)”



Drakengard 3: “We beg of you! Please lend us your powers!”


King of Hell: “So, you’re really serious about this… So what will it be? A contract… or death?”


Drakengard 3: “… Very well. A contract it is.”


King of Hell: “Heh heh heh, good. You shall use my powers to help promote Drakengard 3 to your heart’s content.”


“So that’s that. I’ll be staying up here in the overworld to talk about the Drakengard series for a while. Anyone who considers this to be a farce shall be burnt to ashes by the scorching flames of my dragon.”


Drakengard 3 is slated for release on October 31st for PlayStation 3.


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