Square Enix’s Million Arthur Now Has A Romance of the Three Kingdoms Version



Square Enix’s Million Arthur game has a spin-off in Asian territories. Million Arthur: Carmen Of Gladius throws the Arthurs into an alternate realm, one set in China’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms. And it’s in Korean. Talk about multiculturalism!



The backstory has the various Arthur hopefuls from Million Arthur jumping into a gateway, which transports them into the Warring Period of China. In pretty much every other respect, it’s just like the main game—players have to collect card versions of characters such as Zhuge Liang, Cao Cao and Liu Bei.


These then get formed into decks to do battle with foes while exploring the world. And there’ll be plenty of voiceovers, though they’ll be in Korean.


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  As far as we’re aware, the game hasn’t made its way to Japan or elsewhere just yet, though the trailer above is in English…   Million Arthur: Carmen of Gladius is out now on iOS and Android.