Square Enix’s Multimedia Project Dia Horizon Kicks Off Fantasy Anime This October



Square Enix announced a new multimedia project called Dia Horizon. A new anime was revealed as the first part of the project with its first trailer showing a glimpse of a fantasy world.


So far we don’t have much information other than Dia Horizon’s anime being a fantasy-style anime, but we can get a bit of an idea based on what’s being said in the trailer:


What’s on the other side of the horizon’s end?

The sea of end.

Death… Hope…


The girl who was given the secret of the far end at birth.

She… was forbidden to dream or even live freely.

Freedom was merely a word to long for.

She was made to live in the narrow and closed-off world.

To live or to die was decided by someone else.

So I thought,

If God can only give us an unfortunate scenario,

I want to share death not with anyone, but with you.

I want to share half of my fate with her.

Even if it means sharing “death.”

So I’ll walk with you.

Beyond the horizon.

We met, and we shared one “death” with two lives.




Dia Horizon’s TV anime starts this October in Japan. More information will be revealed in the coming days.

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