Square Enix’s New Game Lets You Be A Motorcycle Gangster



Fans of loud, brash Japanese motorcycle gangs and gangsters can check out the just released Sprint, Yankee Soul mobile game from Square Enix.



The game puts players in the role of a “yankee”, which is Japanese slang for a delinquent. There are various game modes, including a real time battle mode where you’ll race against others to become the Supreme Overlord. This has a slot machine element, with reels rolling along that can affect the race.


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Outside of it, there are other mini games including a running game where you can run/drive down a school hallway, avoiding banana peels and bashing anyone who gets in the way. There’s also a fighting mini-game. These two modes let you collect materials to craft and customize your bike.



Players can also join a biker gang, with real time chat amongst members.  Sprint, Yankee Soul is out now on Android, with the iOS version coming soon.