Square Enix’s School of Ragnarok Is All About Pulling Off Flashy Moves



School of Ragnarok is an upcoming arcade action fighter by Square Enix that kind of looks like Dissidia: Final Fantasy with customization. The latest videos for the game gives us a closer look at how the battle system works in the game.



In School of Ragnarok, you’ll take on the role of transfer students that can be customized by their gender and looks, but the skills and abilities come from the summoned warrior spirit. The above video shows two with the big brawler Sengokumaru summoned by the male student who goes up against the female transfer student and her summoned dragon-like Balhalades.


These summons are shown on the battlefield and can actually do their own actions while the main characters go up against each other. The summons can then lend you their powers in various ways, as shown at the 1:38 mark, where Balhalades turns the girl’s sword into another form, followed by a Mega Flare attack.


Sengokumaru’s ability turned the sword into a katana-like weapon, which allowed the player to pull off a samurai-style finishing move.



In the next video, we have a female transfer student with a mecha-like maid named Emma against the male student has a cyberpunk-looking assassin girl named Lucie who uses a bat with nails as her weapon.


You can see what Lucie’s special ability looks like at the 1:50 mark, followed by Emma’s giant robot arm forehead flick finisher at 5:13 in the video.


School of Ragnarok launches this August in Japanese arcades.

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