Square Enix’s School of Ragnarok Looks Like Dissidia With Customization



Earlier this year, Square Enix announced that they’re making a new arcade game called School of Ragnarok with Drakengard staff and Danganronpa scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka. Here’s a look at the latest teaser trailer for the game.


The trailer shows different characters that range from the cool and serious-types to energetic young magical girls to robotic maids with giant robot arms. The trailer then shows a bit of its online fights.


If you’re wondering what the whole “Tactical 5D Action” thing is about, it’s basically a combination of 2D and 3D perspectives that take place during the action, as it is shown to switch between the two in the gameplay footage.


In School of Ragnarok, you’ll also get to level up your characters, customize their looks and costumes. You’ll catch a glimpse of this in the trailer, too.


School of Ragnarok will launch in Japanese arcades this August.

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