Star Fox Developer Dylan Cuthbert Discusses The Unreleased Star Fox 2 And Scrapped Ideas



Programmer and director Dylan Cuthbert, who worked notably on Star Fox and the unreleased Star Fox 2, among others, recently held an Ask-Me-Anything over on Reddit. There, fans were able to ask the programmer questions about the Star Fox series, as well as other projects he had worked on.


In his answers, Cuthbert touched on some of his thoughts regarding the cancellation of Star Fox 2, scrapped ideas from the original Star Fox, as well as his opinion on Star Fox Zero for the Wii U.


First off, when asked about his feelings about the cancellation of Star Fox 2, Cuthbert had this to say:


“I think it was a shame but understandable given the time frame – the PlayStation had just come out and the 3d tech in StarFox 2 was showing its age. The leaked roms didn’t have the “rogue” style randomization of events, so every time you play you get a new adventure/different sequence of events.”


Next, when asked if there were any ideas scrapped from Star Fox because they were too ambitious to pull off, Cuthbert replied with the following:


“Hmm very good question and rather surprisingly I think that everything we experimented with got put in apart from the very early free range mode experiments that got scrapped. (We had a massive tank that shot off tons of missiles at you)”


Finally, Cuthbert had the following to say when asked about his opinions on Star Fox Zero for the Wii U:


“I think platinum did the best with what they were given. That franchise is very difficult to work on and innovate with because people expect/want it to be better than their nostalgia for the game and that’s a tall order. The walker mode was close to what we had in the original but of course no one had made a 3D platformer at that point so the StarFox 2 controls are a little odd. Nowadays there are common mappings and better game camera paradigms. A lot of the platform experiments we did were taken directly into Mario 64 by Miyamoto.”


To take a look at the entire AMA, you can head over to Reddit.