Star Ocean 5 Details On Lilia, Private Actions, And A Look At Some Special Moves

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Square Enix revealed the latest details on Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithelssness with more information on a support character named Lilia, Private Actions, and a look at some in-battle abilities.


Lilia (CV: Yui Ogura)

Gender: Female

Age: 12



Lilia is a mysterious girl who shows up in front of Fidel and Miki. She has lost her memories and emotion, but has decided to join Fidel and friends in order to get them back.



She’s a bit of a child when it comes to speech which often melts the hearts of those around her, and she’s taken quite a liking to Miki. There appears to be a certain someone who is out to get Lilia for currently unknown reasons.



Lilia’s backpack and clothing were prepared by Lilia. The character shown on the bag is called “Onigumo,” which is also seen on Miki’s weapon, appears to be a popular character in the world.



Lilia is a special character who doesn’t participate in battles, but she’ll level up with the team as a support character. There’s more to her as well.



Similar to past Star Ocean games, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will have the “Private Action”  system, where you’ll get to enjoy conversations with all the characters in town and while out on the journey.


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The Private Actions vary depending on how far you are along the game and the bond between characters. There are Private Actions for events relating to the story, simple everyday talk, or even some events that will reveal secrets from the characters. Again, this feature may even influence things related to roles or abilities as well.



On the subject of bonding, the protagonist Fidel will also have a bonding level with each party member, and it’ll change as you go through the story and Private Actions. The level of bonding affects conversations, events, battles, and even the ending.


For example, when Fidel is closer to one of the characters they may support each other more, if one happens to get incapacitated the other will go in an enraged state for higher attack, and it can also change the character’s AI. There is said to be a special something that awaits in the ending for the character that is closest to Fidel.



Private Actions are indicated by the marker shown in the above image, which you can start by simply walking into it. Once you approach it, a specific character will show up for the Private Action.



Some will have you choose certain choices, and it’ll affect the bonding level with a character depending on the answer. This also affects future Private Action contents, allowing you to see other sides of characters that you might only be able to see depending on the type of choices made in past Private actions.



Unlike the Private Actions in town, the ones during your journey in the fields automatically activate even without having specific characters or required bond levels with the characters. These events will show more of the characters personalities and thoughts.


Following, is a look at some of Miki’s moves in action.


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Miki’s “Reserve Rush” (super special) called Arcadia can recover the HP of all nearby allies and also cure any status ailments.



Her “Guard Counter” called “Overwhelm” knocks back enemies.



“Pile Hammer” is another one of her special attacks.


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Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will release in Japan on February 25, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, and in the West in 2016.

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