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Star Ocean 5’s Latest Footage Shows Battles, Event Scenes, Welch, And Item Creation



Square Enix shared details on their upcoming RPG Star Ocean 5 during a special live stream, where we got a closer look at some of the game’s battles, events, introduction to Welch Vineyard, and Item Creation.


You can get a look at some footage at the following marks of the video:


  • 10:35 – Opening Movie


  • 25:00 – Miki scene, which starts out with the heroine waking up Fidel. She tells him to hurry up because she’ll be waiting outside, and teases him about his cute “sleepyface,” which is followed by Fidel saying don’t poke fun at grownups.  She then takes off and Fidel tells her to wait, and asks if she understands just how dangerous it is. She says that of course she knows, and that it’s okay because Fidel can save her if anything. She adds that if he doesn’t let her, she’ll go on her own and maybe she’ll get kidnapped by bandits or attacked by a wild beast.


  • 26:40 – Victor scene, where he introduces himself to Fidel and Miki. Victor appears taken aback upon hearing the name Fidel Camuze, and asks if he fights using the Camuze sword style. Fidel notices the Camuze style in Victor’s swordsmanship, and asks if he learned the same style from the military, to which he confirms, surprised at the fact that his Daryl (Fidel’s father) has a son. Victor makes a comment about people becoming talented soldiers from training, but there are many of them from “North Soma.” Miki makes a comments “that just sounds like you’re calling yourself talented,” to which Victor responds saying don’t poke fun at grownups. Miki points out that the remark sounds exactly like Fidel’s father, and how soldiers are very alike. Hearing that Victor is similar to Daryl puts him in a good mood.


  • 28:59 – Gameplay footage. We get to see a bunch of battle footage, where they demonstrate some of the basics. We get to see how Victor appears to help out Fidel and Miki. It goes back to the scene where Victor introduces himself. Miki explains that they are representing their village to look for help as they were getting attacked. She asks if they can help out, to which Victor says that he can’t guarantee anything, but he’ll see what they can do. He says perhaps word from Daryl could help sway some minds, and Miki responds with “wow! The old man is that important?” to which Victor says that she might want to be careful about calling him “old man” around those parts, so Fidel’s father appears to be quite the influential figure. They then reach Medock, where you see Anne hanging out by a door. She says “excuse me,” then takes off. The group decide to stop by the inn. After waking up, they form a group of four with Fiore and explore town a bit.


  • 51:30 –  Welch and Item Creation footage, where we get to see how the crafting works, which you can read about in our earlier report. Welch appears to be testing something out when the group shows up. Since it doesn’t look like Fidel has any requests, she decides to ask him for a favor, and has him go on a quest to fetch some items.


  • 1:20:33 – Battle footage showing off Fiore’s Reserve Rush called “F-Dystopia,” and a demonstration of what it looks like when you take the Reserve Rush animation off.


Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will release in Japan on March 31, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game is headed westward in 2016.

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