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Star Ocean 5’s New Screens Show Us More Of Welch And Item Creation Details



Square Enix shared the latest screenshots for Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness with more details in the recently revealed Welch Vineyard and how she’ll support you with Item Creation. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]





Medock is a city of trade found on the east of the Kingdom of Resulia, located near the border of Langdauq Kingdom. Rondo River flows to the east of it,  and the beautiful sceneries of the Eihidd Mountains can be seen from the north, east, and south.



The natural fortress of the mountains that surrounds the city is important to Resulia, these same mountains also makes it the beautiful city that is rich in variety.


Welch Vineyard (CV: Tomoe Hanba):

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Specialty: Item Creation



starocean5_160125-3 starocean5_160125-4

A beautiful and energetic girl who resides in Medock and works hard in Item Creation research. She’ll occasionally make Fidel and the others into gathering material, and can be a bit pushy and freewheeling at times, but she’ll help by teaching all kinds of techniques.



Item Creation:

While visiting Welch at Medock, you can learn about Item Creation in order to acquire various party skills. Item Creation is split into three different parts of “Recipe Synthesis,” “Creative Synthesis,” and “Equipment Upgrade.” The creations can be done anywhere.


Recipe Synthesis:



Seven types of items can be created via Recipe Synthesis through Compounding, Handiwork, Forging, Craftsmanship, Cooking, Writing, and Alchemy. By getting together the items needed for the recipes, you’ll get to create new items.


  • Compounding:


starocean5_160125-9 starocean5_160125-10

Creates healing items and attack items.


  • Handiwork:


starocean5_160125-12 starocean5_160125-13

Similar to Compounding, Handiwork is used to make attack items and healing items.


  • Forging:


starocean5_160125-15 starocean5_160125-16

Forging is used to create weapons and armor.


  • Craftsmanship:


starocean5_160125-18 starocean5_160125-19

Craftsmanship is used to create accessories.

  • Cooking:


starocean5_160125-21 starocean5_160125-22

Cooking is used to create foods used to enhance status.


  • Writing:


starocean5_160125-24 starocean5_160125-25

Skill Books and Signeturgy Cards are made through Writing.




starocean5_160125-27 starocean5_160125-28

Materials needed for recipes are made through Alchemy.


Creative Synthesis:


starocean5_160125-30 starocean5_160125-31


This feature lets you pick up to six of your items and synthesize into one. It’s a bit of a lottery-type system, as you won’t know what you’ll get until it’s done. There’s a chance you can also get rare items through Creative Synthesis.


Equipment Upgrade:


starocean5_160125-37 starocean5_160125-36


A feature that lets you use materials to upgrade the parameters and add factors to weapons, armor, and accessories. The parameters and factors vary depending on the materials used.


Private Actions:





Fiore Battle Introduction:

Here are some details on some of Fiore’s Reserve Rush (Super Specials) and Guard Counter.


starocean5_160125-41 starocean5_160125-42

Her Reserve Rush, called “F-Dystopia,” launches a powerful Signet attack that hits surrounding enemies, and also lowers their parameters.



Fiore’s Guard “F-Punishment” is a multi-slapping attack that has a high chance of stunning enemies.


Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will release in Japan on March 31, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game is headed westward in 2016.

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