Star Ocean: Anamnesis Launches Its Valkyrie Profile Collaboration Event



Square Enix’s smartphone game, Star Ocean: Anamnesis, kicked off its first in-game collaboration today with the classic RPG, Valkyrie Profile. The event brings Lenneth and Silmeria with new 3D models for the first time.



The banner characters of the event are Valkyrie Profile favorites  with Lenneth and Silmeria as powerful new characters now through September 18, 2018.


Additionally, there will be login bonuses until September 18 that will treat players to generous login rewards on top of the regular bonuses, including a 5-star Character Ticket, a 5-Star Weapon Ticket, Gems, and more.


Lastly, a Special Event Challenge with a fight against the formidable Blood Valkyrie will be available through September 18. Those who defeat her can earn special rewards and event coins that are used to exchange for more prizes until September 25, 2018.


Star Ocean: Anamnesis is available for iOS and Android.

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