Star Ocean: Anamnesis Shows Myuria, Maria, More On Series Characters And Cast



Star Ocean: Anamnesis is the series newly announced title that features 4-player multiplayer to go with HD graphics and real-time action. This week’s Famitsu tells us more about its characters.


Ivlish (CV: Sumire Uesaka): After a failed hyperspace warp, she loses her memories after arriving on the planet.


Coro (CV: Ryusei Nakao): The AI robot that takes care of the warship’s operations. It is emotional and goes on a rampage at times.


The game features 4-player multiplayer, gameplay that involves swiping to move and flicks to dodge.


The game features various characters from throughout the Star Ocean series, including charact4ers you couldn’t control in the past. Here are some of the characters revealed:


  • Star Ocean 5: Fidel, Miki
  • Star Ocean 4: Reimi, Myuria, Shimada
  • Star Ocean 3: Cliff, Nel
  • Star Ocean 2: Rena
  • Star Ocean 1: Roddick


There will also be an early registration campaign, with 100,000 registrations bringing a Valkyrie Profile character and 200,000 will bring in Welch.


The official Twitter account also had some more to share:



The above is a look at an illustration by Katsumi Enami of Star Ocean: The Last Hope’s Myuria. All 2D character illustrations will be new drawings for Star Ocean: Anamnesis.



And finally, a look at a 3D model of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time’s Maria. You’ll get to see the 3D models and illustrations of characters on the status screen. You’ll also get to rotate the 3D models of the characters to get a better look.


Star Ocean: Anamnesis releases in Japan in 2016 for Android and iOS.

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