Star Ocean And Valkyrie Profile Producer Yoshinori Yamagishi Joins Monobit To Develop A VR-MMORPG



Monobit, the company known for planning, developing, and administrating business for online games as well as makers of real-time communication middleware, recruited former Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile producer.


Yoshinori Yamagishi, the Square Enix veteran of over 20 years, has worked as the producer for many tri-Ace titles such as Star Ocean 1 through 4, and the Valkyrie Profile series, announced his resignation from the company the other day.


He mentioned that he’ll be working on a new game with a different company, and today it was revealed to be Monobit, the online games and communication middleware company.


Yamagishi shared his thoughts on how he believes VR is a genre that is just getting started, and that there’s still a lot of untapped potential for it as a genre. He plans on using all the know-how he’s developed on past game production to help create the very best VR-MMORPG, as well as new VR content from his own VR development knowhow.

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