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How Star Trek Online Is Being Outfitted For Consoles



Executive Producer Steve Ricossa discusses some of the challenges in bringing Star Trek Online to consoles in the latest developer walkthrough video, in addition to how the team has upgraded the game for its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One debut.


Chief among the challenges the development team has faced is devising a control scheme that effectively translates the keyboard controls to an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller. The design team has ultimately decided to take a command wheel approach, featuring customization options. The control scheme also offers button-mapping and auto-fire features.


In addition to updating the control scheme, Star Trek Online on consoles uses new lighting effects to make the game look like it “belongs on the current generation of hardware.” The user interface has also been completely overhauled and rebuilt from the ground up. To see the changes for yourself, watch the video below.



Star Trek Online remains a free-to-play MMORPG when it comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall. Xbox Live Gold membership is required to play online on the Xbox One, and PlayStation Plus membership will not be required to play online in the PlayStation 4 version.