Starbound Studio Publishes Online Co-Op Action RPG Wanderlust Adventures


Chucklefish has published Yeti Trunk’s online, free-roaming, action-adventure RPG Wanderlust Adventures for Windows on Steam.


It’s the sequel to Yeti Trunk’s action-RPG Wanderlust: Rebirth with the big additional feature being the massive, procedurally generated open world to explore. It can be played single player but supports four online players with scaling difficulty with each player added.


It has four character classes, a companion system, 65 enemies (including 10 dungeon bosses and eight random-encounter mini-bosses), randomized loot, a day / night cycle, and fishing, mining and slot-machine mini-games. There’s also an Epic Mode designed to give more of a challenge to those who want it.


Find out more about Wanderlust Adventures on its website.

Chris Priestman